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In addition to a drastic decline in the traditional Christian practice of morality, there has been a deliberate corruption of official church doctrine, through the influence of big liberal NGO type of grants handed to ministers, priests, bishops, and religious institutions in order to change them. When the various church jurisdictions decided that 'gender didn't matter' when it came to appointing women clergy, then gender didn't matter when it came to marriage (two of the same gender could marry). Eventually, now, gender doesn't even matter on an individual level. People can just 'choose' what they want. We must remember that a lot of this began because religious leaders were corrupted by money from the top down. It is now even happening in the last bastion of Christianity, the Orthodox Church. The faithful laity need to criticize many of the clergy, hungry for more income,

and protest.

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I have read that Ishtar, and her priests, had the power to change their followers' gender.

This deception has ancient roots, imho.

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What is pernicious about this, with regards to Christianity, is that this dangerous nonsense is shoved on churches by playing on a strong sense of Christian guilt and compassion. The repeated accusation insisting on reality is also "wanting people to die" automatically puts people on the back foot. Their instinctive response is always going to be "No, of course I don't want that..." but by the time you get that out you're already on the rhetorical defensive (many ideologues use this tactic quite often when they doesn't want to actually debate a point - accuse opponent of a strawman rather than defend their own points). People just get worn down.

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