About TheoriaTV:

Theoria is a YouTube Channel I started in 2015 as an Eastern Orthodox Christian and professional freelance videographer and animator. Since that time, we have produced a number of video series' explaining Eastern Orthodox doctrine and practice with the likes of Frederica Matthewes-Green, Rod Dreher, and more.

In 2022, I started this substack to provide a more in-depth, academic resource for those interested in the Orthodox faith and her beliefs – as well as how to respond to the increasingly secularized culture.

About me & my work:

My name is Ben. I am an Eastern Orthodox Christian, professional videographer, and author and speaker.

My book, On Gender and the Soul, was presented in 2019 as my thesis for my Master of Divinity degree at Saint Tikhon’s Orthodox Theological Seminary. Since that time, I presented a paper entitled The Engendered Soul in Apelles and Tertullian at Oxford University for the XVIII international patristics conference in August 2019 in Oxford, England, which was subsequently published in Studia Patristica, Vol. CXXVI. In November of the same year, I delivered a talk at Saint Tikhon’s “Speaking the Truth in Love” conference entitled The Sexlessness of the Soul and the Resurrected Body, in which I demonstrated that while the sexless soul is the consensus of the Fathers, the androgynous resurrection is not—and, in fact, depends on a specific (and disputed) reading of Saints Gregory of Nyssa and Maximus the Confessor.

In the Spring of 2022, I spoke on the topic of gender and the soul and how it relates to pastoral care at the American Carpatho-Russian clergy convocation at Camp Nazareth in Pennsylvania; in October of the same year, I delivered a talk entitled, Trapped in the Wrong Body? Orthodox Christian Faith and Transgender Ideology which can be listened to on my Podcast or watched on my YouTube.

In January of 2023, I delivered a talk entitled What Does Gender Have to Do With Spirituality? at Valparaiso University. In August of 2023, I was published as a feature article for Christian Research Journal entitled, The Inner and Outer Man: How Historical Christian Anthropology Addresses Transgenderism.

If the history of transgenderism interests you, check out my article A History of Transgender Ideology and Gender Dysphoria.

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I straddle the line between academia and culture by being active in research in academia while working professionally as a videographer. Ideally, this should cut down on the echo chamber phenomenon in my perspectives.

On this site I will provide both free and paid articles. Paid members will have access to a digital copy of my book, academic resources, and in-depth articles; free subscribers will have access to publicly available articles.

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